Diva challenge 368 - Straight Lines

striping, shattuck, cubine, opportunistic W-2

I've been enjoying doubling up challenges - I think of it as "double daring" myself - in a single tile.  Here I've done the Diva's straight line challenge plus a color palette from my FB group.  Diva Laura says that short, straight lines are her "go to" when she's stressed or anxious - not me!  I had to keep reminding myself to relax.  But I love these challenges for taking me places I wouldn't be likely to go on my own, and that happened here, and I find I quite like the tile.  I've decided to start using the word "opportunistic" to describe those unintended zentangle effects that we all know are opportunities, not errors.  The word "opportunistic" has sinister connotations which I often find appropriate for these situations.


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