Diva challenge 364 - Remake of a classic

purk, flux

Interesting diva challenge this week, to pick a favorite old tile and remake it. The original, the one done in black on white, was a duo-tango based on the initials of my name (purk for Pat, flux for Floerke) done almost four years ago, and I've always loved it except for that strip across the top, which was an unsuccessful (to my taste) attempt at a very long, skinny purk.  I decided to re-do the tile in white on black.  The photo isn't nearly as blurry as it looks - much of that blurry look comes from white charcoal accents I put in as sparkle, to try to make the flux petals look 3-D.  It's fascinating to compare the two.  The main difference, to me, is not so much the black/white reversal as the fact that my white pen had a much wider nib than my black one, so I couldn't get the fineness on detail in the remake that I had in the original.


  1. So different and both soooo beautiful. BTW, I do understand what you said about the strip :-)


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