Diva challenge 359 - finger stringer

elven, ja-jazz, n'zellle

I promised myself, when I saw this challenge to trace one's fingers in an interesting configuration for my string, that I would not just tangle my fingers.  So I started in, following my intuition as always, doing what I found I wanted to do tangle by tangle, and what did I find?  That I had tangled my fingers!  I added the green and more gray than I usually use to pull it all together, then found it wanted that final white aura, and I think I ended up with a lovely tile that doesn't just look like fingers, but where you can clearly see the fingers if you look.  What an interesting experience!  Also a surprise, the tile gives the appearance of being a black tile, but no.  I assure you it was white, with a liberal amount of blacking in done.  Proving once again that the best zentangle tiles are almost always a surprise.  Thanks, diva Laura Harms, for yet another wonderful experience.


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