Diva challenge 349 - rumpus

                            rumpus, tipple, crazy nzepple, verve

I was delighted to see this week that Diva Laura had challenged us with rumpus, a tangle I find both beautiful and difficult.  Even if I draw it very big, I never seem to have enough room to get all the curves in, and it really is difficult to keep track of which sections are which.  Here I wanted to play with how to embed it/what to put around it, so I did it smaller, leaving myself even less room - not at all precise but still pretty, I think.  The magic happened for me when I started putting the silver in.  

I had previously attempted rumpus during the 12 days of zentangle - same challenges, very different results.  Here's my tile:

                                                              rumpus, tripoli, zinger


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