Diva challenge 341 - Go big

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This week's challenge to go big, using bigger paper, bigger nibs and just generally thinking bigger gave me the perfect opportunity to play with my metalic pens and to indulge one of my favorite practices, namely using a tangle as a string.  My border (which I overflowed in my exuberance) was  4 1/2" square.  The big scale really did effect my thinking, from my choice of tangles to the size of my grids and my use of my string - a very refreshing change of pace.  The magic started when I added the second color.  Thanks as always, Diva Laura, for an interesting challenge.


  1. Love the way that you used the two colors. It mad for a striking tile.

    1. Thanks, Kate. I like your word "striking", goes well with that "big" quality I end up with when I'm not trying for "delicate".

  2. I like that we can really see the detail of your tangles on the larger tile. I'm also going through a "color phase", so your addition of the second color is very pleasing to my eye. Nice work.


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