Diva challenge 335 - tint.

Busy week, and I'm posting later than I usually do.  This week's challenge was to use Henrike Bratz's tangle tint.  I quite like tint and always enjoy learning new tangles that are simple, pretty, and unusual all at the same time.  Tint's definitely a welcome addition to my tangling repetoire - thanks, Henrike, for tint and diva Laura for the introduction.


  1. Great tile Pat! I love the contrasting patterns😍

  2. Terrific tile Pat! I'm with Michele.... I love the contrast between the organic Tint and the structured lines of the background tangle! ...which tangle is that??💜

    1. I learned it as frost flower (I think from TanglePatterns), but it's VERY similar as well to an old, official tangle called swarm, Deanne. And thanks for your encouragement.

  3. I especially like your use of Tint in the round. Like the other commenters, I think you picked a good background. The Tint seems to float above it.

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