Diva challenge 330 - Zentangle Plates

I'm frankly a little confused about what we were "supposed" to do for the diva challenge this week, except it's called "zentangle plates".  I did basically what guest blogger Jeanette Clawson said she did, except that her string was concentric circles and mine clearly "wanted"  to be concentric diamonds.  So I'm not even sure that I have a plate, but I had a lot of fun and ended up with an ensemble I like a lot, so what else matters, after all?  I didn't have time to do 4 standard tiles, so I used bijous instead, strung the 4 together, then tangled each separately and reunited them in an ensemble.

As Jeanette recommended, I looked up lots of new ribbon patterns on TanglePatterns but couldn't resist some old favorites as well.  Jeanette used shattuck in all her tiles; I used onamato.  The first blacked out strip was, of course, one I tangled and then didn't like. After I blacked it out, I liked the white on black strip so much I deliberately put one of those on each tile as well. Here's the finished ensemble:

Thanks, Jeanette, for a fun and interesting challenge.


  1. I'm told rectangular plates are very fashionable at the moment,so I think you are a bit of a trendsetter. I like the way you varied where the patterns went on each section and I agree that the white on black band catches the eye. Nice work.

    1. Trendsetter?!!! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh, Margaret, and thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  2. Why not square plates? I have square plates and round ones too. Looks great Pat!

  3. As you said, you had fun, so you win! I love your square plate and the black was a clever hide!

  4. Wonderful idea of the square plate! I like it a lot!

  5. That is really cool! Brilliant idea to use Bijou's ( or is it Bijoux)

  6. Thanks, Michele. If I'd used anything else, I'd still be working on it!


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