Diva challenge 325 - Pea-nuckle

The diva's guest blogger, Jessica Davies, characterized the pattern pea-nuckle as being like lima beans - one of those things that is supposed to be good for you but you just have trouble getting it down.  That perfectly describes my feeling about both pea-nuckle and lima beans!  I've focused on pea-nuckle before without learning to like it, but this week I tried, tried again.  I do like the resulting tile but still don't much like pea-nuckle.  Here are the tiles I did in 2015, which I actually like better.

Both, I notice, are examples of using pea-nuckle as a ribbon.  So, I tried.  I probably won't use it again till someone challenges me to again, but I guess that's part of why I do challenges.


  1. Great peanuckle ribbons! Thanks for participating in the Challenge this week even though you don't like lima beans. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jess. I had fun with it. I also eat my lima beans when someone serves them to me!

  2. Yes, those challenges are good for us, like lima beans, LOL! Your Peanuckle tiles show how keeping it simple can be quite effective. Nice tiles!

  3. I do like that tile, Peanuckle or not :-)


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