Diva challenge 322 - aquafleur

The diva challenge this week was the tangle pattern aquafleur.  I'm with diva Laura when she writes that this tangle does not flow smoothly from her pen, so exploring was in order.  I've never tried aquafleur in black, so that sounded fun.  Here's the result, complete with tangleations and overlap.  That was a good learning experience, but I had another idea, too.

I found I didn't have another black square tile, so I tried a triangle - wonderful.  Wow!  I found all kinds of things I never knew were in aquafleur.  Altogether a good explore!


  1. Beautiful in black - love it :-))
    Gudrun S.

  2. The black is beautiful, but I just love your tangle inside of Aquafleur idea. That is something I didn't even think of.

    1. Thanks, Jean. I love using all kinds of tangles as strings, and I've seen it done before with aquafleur. Not an original idea, but certainly a fun one.

  3. Your second Aquafleur is sooo original - love it! 😍

  4. Well done! Kudos for taking this on in black!

  5. Both are lovely and the last one is very creative.

  6. I'm with the crowd I really like the second aquafleur!


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