Diva Challenge 320 - Dansk

I'm grateful to have found time to do and post the diva challenge this week.  My beloved 15-year-old cat has been seriously ill, and I've spent almost all my free time nursing her.  I'm also grateful she's now doing better.  I think it's not by chance that this tile came out darker, more shadowy, more convoluted than many of my tiles.

My first impression of dansk was how similar it was to sand swirl, a tangle I use a lot. So I wanted to explore their similarities and differences in this tile.  I find dansk to be a steadier tangle; sand swirl, for me, has a lot of movement and energy.  Looking at the dansk here, I also see a connection with ix - something to explore on some future tile.


  1. Nice combo of tangles to add to Dansk. I hope your sweet friend is doing better. Sad when our furry friends are not well.

  2. Sorry about your cat! I know what you are going through! One year ago we lost our 19 years old Kassandra! Hope yours will be with you a lot more time! I often think of the way tangling mirrors the life! And the way tangling brings comfort when you need comfort! I Love the sensitive lines and the great contrast you have created in your tile!

  3. I can definitely see IX in there as well as Sand Swirl and Dansk. Nice tile.

  4. My well wishes to your cat. I have a 14 year old dog who shows his age so I know how you feel. It is good we can express ourselves in our tiles. They will function like little memory tiles and remind us of how we felt back when. Your tile may be darker, but I call this contrast and it is a marvelous contrast.

    1. Wow! What a valuable insight: "I call this contrast". I'm going to remember that! Thanks, Susie.

  5. Very nice variations on Dansk! I am glad that your cat is doing better, and I hope she is fully recovered soon. It is always so difficult when a beloved pet is ill. Best wishes!


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