Diva challenge 315 - Exploring molygon

Exploring molygon this week sounded fun.  It's a beautiful, easy tangle I've known since it first went public, and I really believe in the process of using a tangle often enough to "make it my own."  So first I tried molygon with colored accents, one of my favorite things to do.
The step-out for molygon talks about using the half-moon shapes as a grid, and I love using tangles as strings anyway, so that's what I did here.  Then I tried a traditional black on white tile.
I liked both tiles fine, but neither one really excited me, so I went looking through my old tiles to see what I'd done with molygon before.

I was impressed at how varied all these tiles are, but I noticed that I seem to draw my molygons scattered, rather than in the close clumps recommended by both Rick/Maria and Laura Harms (the Diva).  So I tried that, too, and really, really loved what I'd drawn.  Came home and, when I had time, I finished the tile.  And hated the way it came out.  That happens sometimes, I know, and I'm a great believer in "no mistakes in zentangle", but I had loved the molygon so much and hated the finished tile so much, and it was late and I was tired, and I was out of time.  So I deliberately committed a zentangle no-no, cut out my beloved molygon, glued it to a beautiful card a friend had sent me, and refused to touch it again - no embellishment, no shading, no more pushing my luck.
Now I'm content with it.  And I've learned about me and molygon that I still like it a lot but have a hard time embellishing it and combining it with other tangles to make a finished tile.  Looks like my explorations are not complete, and I look forward to the prospect of continuing to play with molygon.


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