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Diva challenge 325 - Pea-nuckle

The diva's guest blogger, Jessica Davies, characterized the pattern pea-nuckle as being like lima beans - one of those things that is supposed to be good for you but you just have trouble getting it down.  That perfectly describes my feeling about both pea-nuckle and lima beans!  I've focused on pea-nuckle before without learning to like it, but this week I tried, tried again.  I do like the resulting tile but still don't much like pea-nuckle.  Here are the tiles I did in 2015, which I actually like better.

Both, I notice, are examples of using pea-nuckle as a ribbon.  So, I tried.  I probably won't use it again till someone challenges me to again, but I guess that's part of why I do challenges.

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